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Beat Bike Specialist Service

Cyclist! Take care of your own safety and that of other road users. Regular visits to a specialized bicycle service center will help you with the ongoing maintenance of the two-wheeler and early detection of faults.

Service Offer

At Beat Bike, we repair bikes of all brands. We diagnose problems, maintain, replace parts, perform periodic inspections.

Gear hub service

We repair and inspect all bikes. However, Rohloff and Shimano gear hubs are particularly close to us. The service of planetary hubs is not easy, which can be seen from the small number of services dealing with this matter. Don't entrust the most expensive and complicated part of your bike to just anyone.

Why is it worth using the services of a specialized bicycle service?

Self-repair of faults or bike inspection at a service of dubious fame is not the best idea. It is easy then for mistakes or badly matched parts. At other points, it is in vain to look for guarantees for the work performed. Effect? You are not sure that the repair has been done at all and that the further use of the bike will be safe. Do not risk - an authorized Rrohloff service, a Shimano Certified Workshop and a specialist repair point are a trustworthy place. We have a healthy, positive atmosphere, we are open to communication and we act in your favor!

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