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An experience for all your senses

 High-quality, precision gear hubs. Proven , durable construction and exceptional performance combined with extremely low maintenance costs. The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is a model to be followed by other manufacturers.

Rohloff products are constantly put to the test in both competitive sports and continuous work in the cycling sector. The SPEEDHUB 500/14 bicycle hub is an ideal component for high powered electric bikes, can withstand the enormous torque produced by both Tandems and Cargo bikes.

Almost 100% of all components required for Rohloff products are manufactured exclusively in Germany by one of 150 specially selected, high-quality subcontractors. Each component must pass a stringent quality control process before it goes through bet to become part of an exclusive Rohloff product.

We, as Rohloff Service, already belong to the Rohloff family and are you ready to become a member of this family? We would be delighted to welcome you!

ROHLOFF Service Partner - our offer

As an authorized Rohloff service in Poland, we deal with all warranty and post-warranty repairs. Constant access to service components makes the repair quick and reliable.

To facilitate the selection of out of warranty repair, we provide you with three types of inspections:

  1. GOLDEN Rohloff overhaul: 600 zł
  2. SILVER Rohloff overhaul: 550 zł
  3. BROWN Rohloff overhaul: 500 zł

The difference in prices is obviously due to the scope of work provided for by a specific package. However, each of them includes:

  • oil change,
  • oil screw replacement,
  • cleaning and lubrication of the gear shift,
  • Axleplate bolts replacement,
  • replacement of the paper axle ring seals,
  • replacing the paper hub cover gasket,
  • replacing the hub cover bolts,
  • replacement of the hub body seal.

If you don't know which package to use, rely on our specialists. After the initial inspection of the hub, ROHLOFF Service Partner employees will help you make a decision. You can also check out the SERVICE tab for a detailed overview of the reviews.

Why use ROHLOFF authorized partner services?

Inspection and maintenance of gear hubs at an authorized ROHLOFF service point will allow you to quickly identify and repair faults. For you, it will be a guarantee of a successful holiday and safe riding on an efficient bike. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer bikes with a belt . Choose a place trusted by hundreds of cyclists!