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Conversion of the frame to the GATES drive

Bikes with Gates Carbon Drive belt drive require a special frame. Unlike a chain, there is no way to unfasten the belt, pass it through the chainstay and fold it back for installation. Instead, to install the strap we have to unfold the frame. Some manufacturers offer ready-made frames for the Gates belt drive, although the availability is still quite limited. If you do not want to buy a special frame, another option is to convert the existing frame to a belt drive.

Some bike frames can be adapted to allow the installation of the Gates belt. To modify the frame, remove a piece of the chainstay and replace it with a custom adapter that matches the diameter of the chainstay. Proper assembly of the connector and its fitting guarantee its durability. After installing the connector, the frame is compatible with the GATES Carbon Drive, so you can start installing the sprockets, as well as installing and tensioning the belt.

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Beat Bike offers conversion of frames to belt drive by installing special fasteners . Frame materials may be steel, aluminum or titanium . The Gates drive works with both multi-speed and single-speed hubs . The only design requirement for the frame is horizontal, movable rear hooks or an eccentric slide to allow belt tension. Unfortunately, not all bicycle frames are suitable for this method of conversion to a belt drive k o. For example, oval or unbalanced backstands are inappropriate. If you wish to confirm compatibility of your frame, you can send us e-mail or call on the number + 48508186277

Our standard price for the conversion frames is 500PLN < / span> , it is much less higher amount than usual charged by frame manufacturers. If you already have the correct frame, and would like to upgrade to the GATES Carbon Drive belt drive, we will provide you with p asek and front and rear sprocket : the full range of Gates products is available at our shop .