Center of multi-speed hubs


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Center of multi-speed hubs

The gears need to run smoothly in order for the bike to be not only fun, but also possible. A large group of cyclists do not pay attention to multi-speed hubs until a failure occurs. Any disturbing noise, grinding, grinding, hard-to-climb or skipping gears is a warning that you should take seriously. It is difficult for an untrained user to make a diagnosis, not to mention repairing the fault. It turns out that modern multi-speed hubs from renowned brands such as Shimano, Sturmey Archer or Rohloff cause problems even for some service technicians.

Instead of looking for someone who will inspect, maintain or finally repair the hubs of the above companies, visit our Multi-Gear Hub Center. We service multi-speed hubs with full proficiency, based on original spare parts.

Send us a multi-speed hub wheel using the form

We are based in Warsaw (Praga district). It is a perfect location for cyclists from all over Poland. Why? Because in the event of a breakdown, you can send us the wheel itself with a multi-speed hub. This is a really convenient option that saves you time. You no longer need to use the services of a random service in your area. Choose a specialist point where we can best care for your hub.

How do I report a fault when the bicycle hub is damaged? All you have to do is fill out the form available below and send a well-packed and secured part to the address provided. It is best if you use the courier shipping option for this. We will repair the damaged bicycle hub in the shortest possible time using original parts.


We go to hand for all cyclists from all over Poland. To send a damaged hub to us, all you need to do is send the wheel itself, and what's better, you do not have to order a courier, you can use the "door-to-door" service, i.e. we commission a courier and all you have to do is safely pack the wheel for shipment. Pure time saving.

We send back the repaired hub within 48 hours after the service, unless the customer wishes a different shipping date.

The delivered wheel must be dismantled from the bike before collection and prepared (packed) for shipment.
The cost of collecting the parcel from the customer (1 parcel) is PLN 25 with shipping insurance up to PLN 6,000.
In the case of return shipment , its cost is PLN 16 (prepayment) or PLN 20 (download).

When choosing a service with the collection of the shipment from you, please provide the date of collection. After reporting the repair, you will receive a bill of lading from us which should be printed and stuck to the package.

Application form

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    Our offer - Warsaw website

    We provide warranty and post-warranty service of Shimano, Sturmey Archer and Rohloff multi-speed hubs, both modern and several (teen) years old. We not only repair hubs, but also sell them.

    To increase your sense of security, we provide a guarantee for every repair performed. We are the only ones ready to take full responsibility for the entrusted sports equipment.

    We service planetary hubs from brands such as

    • Rohloff ( SERVICE PARTNER ) - full range of repairs
    • Shimano (Certified Service Center) - full range of repairs
    • Sturmey Archer - full range of repairs

    Multi-speed hubs add to the fun of driving by addressing some disadvantages of external derailleurs

    • we don't drop the chain
    • we change gears while stationary
    • linear shifting: low to high
    • greater durability of gears because they are hidden in the hub
    • a GATES Carbon Drive belt drive
    • can be used
    • cover can be used to protect the chain from the elements and clothes from the chain
    • optional brake in the pedals, simplifies the bike
    • neat and clean look

    In other words, multi-speed hubs are more fun and more fun to ride