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Bicycle storage

Bicycle storage

The autumn-winter period is the time when most people give up cycling and  has to put her bike out of operation until spring. The owners of small apartments may have a problem with this, because the bicycle takes up a lot of space, and keeping it for several months in the stairwell will certainly not be liked by the neighbors. Storing a two-wheeler on a balcony or in a damp basement is also not a good idea, as individual components may be damaged under the influence of unfavorable factors. The best solution to this problem is our bicycle storage room. We have a vast space in which your two-wheeler will be safe and isolated from rain, snow or frost. Our bicycle storage room is located in the city of Warsaw, in the Gocław district. We serve clients from all over the capital and its vicinity.

Bicycle storage - Warsaw

Our services are used by both professional cyclists and people who practice recreational riding. We have created optimal conditions for keeping two-wheelers, so you can be sure that our bicycle storage will provide the highest level of security for your equipment. The vehicle will be secured against theft during the winter, and before picking up, we will thoroughly inspect it and prepare it for driving, so that you can start the season right away!

Our bicycle storage room is run by professionals who know perfectly well what conditions a bicycle should have to ensure that it is not exposed to damage.

Why our bike depot?

By choosing our company, you can be sure that you are putting the bike in good hands. The warehouse in which the bicycle storage is located is heated and monitored, and also adapted to the storage of two-wheelers. Before the season starts, your bike will undergo a thorough inspection and all components will be ready to go, avoiding queues at bike service in the spring. / p> Our bicycle storage room offers competitive prices and allows you to customize additional services to meet the needs of customers, so that your bike can be thoroughly renovated in winter.

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Bicycle storage
Bike storage from October 15th to March 15th $ 100
Bike storage from October 15th to March 15th + Little Inspection $ 160
Bike storage from October 15th to March 15th + Big Inspection $ 205
Each subsequent month started PLN 25