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Beat Bike Custom

A bike created for you - Beat Bike Custom

Tailored solutions are very popular today. Everyone wants original and unique products. So why not take advantage of the possibility of creating a bicycle on an individual order? Our custom bikes are the perfect way to differentiate yourself from other riders. A Custom Bike can be professional or basic, but it's always what you imagined it to be.

Technique and design - custom bikes

When ordering a Custom Bike, you decide about each element of the bike yourself, but you can count on our professional help and technical advice. We offer, among others:

  • GATES Carbon Drive, type: CDC, CDN, CDX, CDX: EXP,
  • aluminum, Cro-Mo, titanium frames,
  • Rohloff, Shimano, Sturmey Archer, Single Speed ​gear hubs or traditional chain driven shifting,
  • painting the frame in any color

We offer women's and men's bikes for city, road, trekking or mountain riding. The final character is given by the color of the frame, which can be painted in any shade from the RAL palette or from the range of car paints.

How do I order my own Custom Bike?

We know that our clients include cyclists from all over Poland. Especially with them in mind, we have created an electronic ordering system. All you need to do is write us what you need and we will turn your dreams into reality.

Order a Custom Bike in a few simple steps:
  • send us a description of your dream bike to,
  • select the drive version, bike type, frame and wheel material and size, as well as tires, brakes, hubs, etc.
  • wait for a reply message with the quote and initial design of your Custom Bike.

The more information we get about you and your dream bike, the more personalized our offer will be. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer bikes with a belt . You can also entrust us with your current two-wheeler - we understand the sentimental bond and attachment to sports equipment. We are happy to restore your current bike to make it look like your dream bike. Do you want to buy a custom bike in Warsaw? Feel free to contact our bicycle shop !