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Beat Bike - bicycle shop and service
Why is it worth coming to us? Because we are visionaries and enthusiasts. We sell the revolutionary GATES Carbon Drive and assemble Custom bikes - bikes made to order. Get to know us closer and let the joy of assembling your own, unique bike also spread to you.

GATES Carbon Drive belt drive
We like innovative solutions and we want to offer them to you too! The GATES Carbon Drive belt drive is a modern and worthy replacement for classic bicycle chains. You will appreciate it for its durability and easy handling. Using a bicycle is supposed to be a pleasure, not a bottomless piggy bank. An investment in modern components will provide you with comfort and driving safety for years. Do you want it to be more economical? Show us what you're riding and we'll modernize your bike with the new GATES Carbon Drive systems.

Repair of bicycles and hubs - ROHLOFF authorized service in Poland
In addition to assembling bikes, we also provide comprehensive service. You can choose a service package from our price list and forget about problems with a skipping chain or a defective brake. At work, we use original spare parts, and if we reach for replacements, only the top-shelf ones.
We are proud to be the only authorized partner of the German brand ROHLOFF in Poland. As a Service Partner, we inspect and repair multi-speed hubs of this manufacturer. We will change the oil, clean, lubricate the gearshift mechanism or replace the tear. All this to ensure you enjoy your hub as long as possible.

Custom production of bicycles
Do you want your bicycle to express you? Are you fed up with riding a bike from the market? Custom Bike is an offer for individualists. This bike reflects all your dreams of a two-wheeler that you technically and visually dreamed of. We use the latest systems - ROHLOFF parts, Gates Carbon Drive belt drives and other elements with which we create the perfect bikes.

Visit the Beat Bike store and website. We provide professional help and advice, sharing our experience and love for two-wheelers with cycling enthusiasts.

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