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Why is it worth visiting our store? Because we are visionaries and enthusiasts. We run a specialized bicycle service, sell the revolutionary GATES Carbon Drive belt drives and assemble Custom bikes - bikes made to order. Get to know us better and let the joy of assembling your own, unique bike also spread to you.

Production of custom bikes

Do you want your bike to express you? Tired of riding a bike that looks like every other bike in town? Custom Bike is an offer for individualists. This bike reflects all your dreams of a two-wheeler that you technically and visually dreamed of. We use the latest solutions, Gates Carbon Drive belt drives and other elements with which we create perfect bikes.

GATES Carbon Drive ( belt bikes )

We like innovative solutions and we want to offer them to you too! The GATES Carbon Drive is a modern and worthy replacement for the classic bicycle chain. You will appreciate it for its durability, quiet operation, cleanliness and easy operation. Using a bicycle is supposed to be a pleasure, not a bottomless piggy bank. An investment in modern components will provide you with comfort and driving safety for years. Do you want it to be more economical? Visit our bike shop. Show us what you're riding and we'll upgrade your bike with the new GATES Carbon Drive System.

Bike Repair (SHIMANO Certified Store)

In addition to assembling bikes, we also provide comprehensive service and maintenance of sports equipment. The bicycle service includes individual elements and subassemblies that are responsible for safety and ride comfort. Our bicycle shop offers several service packages with inspections and servicing. Our bicycle service uses professional tools, original spare parts, and if we reach for replacements, only the top-shelf ones.

Authorized ROHLOFF service

We are proud to be the only authorized partner of the German brand ROHLOFF in Poland. As a Service Partner, we carry out inspections and repairs of multi-speed hubs of this manufacturer. In our store you will find complete hubs, components and service parts. Are you wondering where to perform a professional repair of the Rohloff hub in Poland? Visit Beat Bike in Praga district, Warsaw.

Gear hub center

In order for our hubs to perform as intended by the engineers and to serve us as long as possible, it is necessary to regularly inspect, change the oil, lubricate the bearings and adhere to the recommended service intervals. Our bicycle service has many years of experience in operating gear hubs from companies such as Shimano and Rohloff. Constant access to components service and the knowledge gained make the repair fast and reliable.

We invite you to visit the Beat Bike shop and bike service. We provide professional help and advice, sharing our experience and love for two-wheelers with cycling enthusiasts, for us, repairing bicycles is a pure pleasure.

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Beat Bike is a bicycle service and shop where you can periodically inspect or repair gear hubs from companies such as Rohloff or Shimano

Only with us you can repair your hub without leaving your home. You can send the wheel to us and thanks to the "door-to-door" service you will not even have to order a courier